I'm starting this post before dinner so hopefully I won't be falling asleep towards the end of it! Today started off with secret men's business (mostly involving steak and cards), while all the girls decided to go out shopping and for coffee. However it became much more productive when we headed to work with the salvation …

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Becoming Africans/ The Bakery/ Banana WOW!

Feeling like I'm mostly catching up with the Jet Lag now. Still feeling crazily tired because I'm in the bad habit of leaving this to the last thing I do each day. Today was our designated day to finish painting what we started yesterday. We woke up earlier than normal but got on the strangely familiar …

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Buenos Aires International Christian Academy

Hola! : ) Sorry in advance about this post. The jet lag is really getting to me and I'm almost falling asleep while writing this After an awesome and much-needed  sleep, our first day in Argentina started off with chocolate cake and strawberry smoothies for what will hopefully be a normal south american breakfast : …

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