Finally arrived in Argentina after 3 plane trips over about 24 hours. Got only about an hour of sleep but the good news is that we all made it here in one piece and without losing anything!

The trip from the airport to where we are staying was so eye opening. Just from the bus we saw the half-build war torn looking houses so many people live in. It was such a reminder of how amazingly blessed we really are, just to live in Australia and have a roof over our heads!

The hostel that we’re staying at has free internet use so hopefully i’ll be able to blog a fair over this next week!

Going to a school tomorrow to work with kids which should be awesome but I’ll let you know about that tomorrow

I am so increadibly sleep deprived right now so sorry if this post is nonsense : )



One thought on “Arrived!

  1. Hi Ben, thanks for letting us know you arrived. I am sure we will hear more once you get some sleep. Looking forward to hearing how God shows himself to you and the others on the team. Dad

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