Buenos Aires International Christian Academy

Hola! : )

Sorry in advance about this post. The jet lag is really getting to me and I’m almost falling asleep while writing this

After an awesome and much-needed  sleep, our first day in Argentina started off with chocolate cake and strawberry smoothies for what will hopefully be a normal south american breakfast : ) After breakfast we headed to Buenos Aires International Christian Academy via a crazily crowded train system. Once we arrived at the school everyone was incredibly friendly and so keen to help us work out and understand Argentina.

BAICA has something like 136 students from K-12. We taught a few Australian geography classes for the older primary school aged kids. They learnt all about our unique animals and about basic australian geography. We also did a few Chapel services for both K-6 and 7-12. All our classes and chapel services went extremely well and everyone was really blessed by the experience. We met so many interesting and helpful people and it was an amazing first stop for our trip.

The cultural change has been pretty interesting so far in the trip, especially because we are so limited by the language. Luckily Corinne has become the groups translator and is doing amazingly well. Unfortunately a couple of people have already gotten pretty sick but hopefully they’ll be ok in the morning!

Thanks so much for all the prayer!



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