Marcellina and Marcellino

Still feeling pretty wiped out by the long days work and the Jet Lag but absolutely loving South America!

We all got ready nice and early and traveled to Retrio again on the packed subway. There we met with Gerson who is the school councellor from the school we went to yesterday. He guided us to Marcellina and Marcellino’s house which was about half an hour away by bus. Through the long process of translation we found out about all the work that they do in Dock Sud and it was pretty amazing how passionate they were about helping their community. They are such generous people and the little that they have they are so willing to share with others.

They took us to a nearby school to help paint their main hall area and just to interact and play with the students. It was alot of fun playing soccer with a bottle during their lunch time and to be able to see the smiles on the faces of everyone that we met. It’s been interesting and alot of fun trying to communicate with people at times and my Spanish is slowly getting better : )

Marcellino took us back to his house where his wife Marcellina, had cooked us a huge amount of amazing food (on her birthday!) for lunch. Luckily a few of the girls couldn’t eat all their food and the boys got to eat a few extra servings.

Everyone has been so amazing nice and hospitable to us in everyway that they can even with the little amount that they have for themselves. The team is awesome and it’s been great getting to know each other and serving together!

(Stories to ask about when i get home 1. James telling us about a guy getting a tattoo and 2. Simon and James’ visit to the hardware shop)

Miss you all!



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