Becoming Africans/ The Bakery/ Banana WOW!

Feeling like I’m mostly catching up with the Jet Lag now. Still feeling crazily tired because I’m in the bad habit of leaving this to the last thing I do each day.

Today was our designated day to finish painting what we started yesterday. We woke up earlier than normal but got on the strangely familiar subway train to meet our friend Gerson. Gerson is the man. He has been such an encouragement and a massive help to the team. He has been our translator, friend, liaison and guide over these last few days.

Once we met up with Gerson at the station we headed over to Dock Sud again to work with Marcello and Marcella and the local school. As the saying goes, many hands make light work and we got the room painted much faster than we had expected. Everyone was so happy that we had come to spend our time trying to help in any way that we could. We quickly learnt that it didn’t really matter to them what we were doing there, but it was just that we were there! Marcello was so thankful that we had come that he called us honorary Africans which was a huge honor (Oh I understand this probably doesn’t make sense but Marcello is from Cape Verde – off the east coast of Africa).

It was so hard to finally say goodbye to the friends that we had made in such a short time. Marcello and his family was a huge reminder to the whole team that no matter how much we have to give, we should still faithfully give it and God will work through that. They taught us the importance of investing in people over all else and to be happy and joyful in all situations.

Throughout the later half of the day Darryl and I were put in charge of dinner for the night. This led to a series of popularity contests and a presidential like campaign. Instead of foolishly standing up for what I believed in, like Darryl, I was quickly swayed by the crowd which led to a fairly unforgettable moment.

The majority of people decided that they wanted Burgers for dinner so it required us to go out and find the ingredients that we needed. After searching round the local streets we found a bakery which we believed to have the rolls that we needed. Realising we didn’t know the word for roll or almost anything else really, we hoped the ¨say a number and point at the thing we wanted¨ technique would work. Unfortunately the woman seemed to think we wanted 25 kilos of rolls instead of the 25 that we actually wanted. Confusion took over with the woman insisting to believe that we would eventually understand her. After huge amounts of just nodding and smiling and nervous laughter we managed to pay for a bag of bread and get out of the shop. They were much more like baguettes than rolls in the end but we managed.

For dessert James allowed us to try his families secret Banana WOW. This complicated recipe has gone down through the Abbott family for generations and it was an experience never to forget!

I’m just realising how long this post is turning out and hopefully it’s been interesting even though you didn’t experience it first hand! Missing you all in Australia and hope you’re doing well! It’d be nice to hear from you on facebook or email or if you comment in this post : )

Love you all (especailly Zac Fenn : D ) and Thanks for the support!




4 thoughts on “Becoming Africans/ The Bakery/ Banana WOW!

  1. Sarah Merrick

    Confess that I sat here at my desk giggling at the thought of you and Darryl lugging 25 kgs of bread rolls back to the team… Just as well you eventually did manage to sort that one out!
    Am loving the posts. Thank you. Those $s are rolling in eh!
    Love you and miss you!

  2. The post is not too long – we (I guess I should only speak for myself!) are enjoying reading what you are up to 🙂
    It sure is fun trying to buy things in foreign countries – just buying 25 rolls would have been big business for the lady. Did you negotiate on the price or just pay the foreigners price?!

    1. haha we’ve been doing so well buying food and everything. We’re not in a real touristy area so the normal price is pretty good but food is crazy cheap. We’re staying well under our $5 a day budget

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