I’m starting this post before dinner so hopefully I won’t be falling asleep towards the end of it!

Today started off with secret men’s business (mostly involving steak and cards), while all the girls decided to go out shopping and for coffee. However it became much more productive when we headed to work with the salvation army at a community children’s home.

I’ll write the rest of this in the morning : )

Finishing this post…

Quilmes was such an incredibly eye-opening experience. The people there lived in pretty extreme poverty compared to anything any of us had really seen before. It was unbelievable seeing the state of many of the houses that people lived in. One of the strangest things about it all was how close Quilmes is to the rest of the city and some of the houses were only 100 meters from much nicer almost Sydney like houses. It’s so hard to explain what it was like walking through this area and seeing tiny little kids walking around picking up rubbish to help pay for their food that night.

The salvation army is doing some amazing work there though. They’ve bought a building that around 80 children now call home. They teach them important skills to hopefully help them to break the poverty cycle. Most importantly though, they teach them about the Bible and provide a loving environment where they can feel safe.

We had the amazing opportunity to just spend time playing with the kids and getting to know them. As always, the language barrier was a significant obstacle to building relationships. Quickly we realised that sport and piggy back races were the best way to bond with the kids.

After hours of running around playing and laughing with kids we finally headed home sore and ready for bed. (That’s one of the reasons i didn’t get to finish this last night)

We have been so blessed to have Corinne on this mission trip as she is the only person who can really speak any spanish in the group!

Thanks again everyone for reading this! It’s so so encouraging sitting down to do this and seeing that I’ve been getting close to 60 views a day! And thanks so much for all your prayers : )



3 thoughts on “Quilmes

  1. Hey, looks like if you write it before dinner we hardly get to hear anything! I think there should be a minimum number of words before you can go to bed 🙂

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