Saying Goodbye

I think a post everyday was pretty ambitious for me to actually achieve (I know Darryl, you told me so). It’s more that I don’t think every day is always worthy of an entire post, especially the last few. So I’ll just be blogging from now on whenever I feel like I’ve actually done a few interesting things to make the blog worth reading.

Sunday morning the Canadians, Nick and myself all went out to El-Rastro. These are apparently one of the most popular open air markets in Spain. To be entirely honest, any of the markets we went to in South America were heaps better. El-Rastro was amazingly crowded, repetitive and pretty overpriced. Still it was definitely an interesting experience trying to all stay together and enjoying the crazy street performers. I think a few 1Euro Scarves were bought but not much else. At midday the Canadians left to go back down South of Spain where they were studying and I started my long series of goodbyes. 

I’m not sure if I mentioned in my last post but over the weekend the hostel was basically taken over by Australians. More arrived on Sunday afternoon and we all went out to experience the Spanish night life. Neweuropetours offer a large number of different tourist activities and we did their “Pub Crawl” on the Sunday night. Madrid is pretty crazy and it seems like every night is a night out for the locals. Unlike Australia places tend to fill up around 1-2am and places close much later than that. The tour guides were really nice guys and it was a great chance to meet people who weren’t staying in our hostel and therefore weren’t Australian!

After getting home around 4 that morning Monday turned into a pretty slow day. We individually woke up sometime around midday and decided to effectively use our time by watching movies and close to a full season of The Office. Being Nick’s last day in Madrid we went out to a fancy buffet restaurant (8.90 Euros) and definitely got far more than our monies worth. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited before by a salad bar to be honest. It was so good to finally actually get some decent food and it was surprisingly easy to avoid the pizza and large trays of meat. The buffet was actually awesome, I think the largest amount of meat I consumed was actually Salmon. I did my best to eat things that weren’t easy to cook (or buy) myself. The end of the day was once again filled with the sadness of again saying goodbye.

This morning has basically just been packing up all my stuff, eating all the food that Nick and I had left here and just sitting around talking to people. I would hate to actually live in a place like this. There are constantly people coming and going, just as you feel like you start to get to know someone and you start to build a bit of a relationship with them they leave and are replaced by someone completely new. It’s pretty weird just looking around the room I’m sitting in, I don’t really recognise anyone here anymore. Finally today is my turn to say goodbye.

Haha reading what I’ve just written looks ridiculous. It looks like I was trying to write a creative story for english or something. If someone would like to mark it and give me some kind of score that’d be great. That last line in the above paragraph is pretty bad. I really only put it there cause I thought it was pretty funny.

Madrid has been really awesome. I’ve had a great time here but I’m really excited for whats next! London should be fantastic as long as it isn’t raining the whole time : ) Just prayer for general Heath/Safety would be awesome. And oh yeah for the weather as well. Oh and I’m sure you all know but the HSC is on at the moment and everyone doing it really need your prayers too!

Much Love,



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