Hello! I’m sitting in a tiny little internet cafe in Tottenham (well I think/hope I’m in Tottenham…) and I just paid an extra 50 pence so I have half an hour to quickly update you all on what I’ve been up to.

I flew in to Heathrow airport late on Tuesday night and make the couple of hour trip out to Bromley South. It was actually really exciting working out the train systems and just trying to find my way to where I was meant to get to. I ended up getting off and back on a few too many trains because I thought they were going the wrong way and I was pretty tired after a lot of travelling. But I did finally make it to Bromley South station where I was told to call the people I was meant to be staying with. Being young, (I’d like to think) fit, and very foolish I decided that it’d be a much better idea to get some vague directions from random people and do my best to make it there on my own. Fortunately while “exploring” I eventually ended up outside a police station and they kindly gave me a map. This quickly enabled me turn around and actually start going towards where I was meant to. After brisk 10 min walk through the dark streets of Bromley I found my way back and quickly got to bed.

The “Manna House” is a sort of guest house for people doing work with OM travelling through London. It is run by a couple from the states and they are so lovely. It has almost been like a home away from home there.

I spent Wednesday looking around the town and a lot of it in the local library on their computers doing some research into what to do over the next few days. The tour group that did the tour I went on in Madrid also do a tour here (which I did today) and they also do a heap of other tours I might do. I also looked up heaps of soccer games for things I could go and see and after filling up several pages of my notebook I headed back home to ask what they thought I would be able to realistically do. The rest of the day I mostly spent just doing what I could to helpout around the place and watching Arsenal just beat Marseille in the last minute of extra time from their living room. 

And that brings us to today. I only have 8 mins left. I write pretty slow… So yeah I went on that free tour which was again awesome. I met lots of people, but mostly hung out with two girls from the states now studying in Sweeden. After the tour the three of us went and got lunch then walked around the city to find London Eye, which the tour didn’t manage to cover. Just as we arrived there I looked at the time and because I thought the Tottenham game was at 6:30 tonight I left to see if I could find tickets. After getting heaps of bad information I eventually got to the stadium to find it didn’t start till 8. I went in and got what sounds like really really good seats but we’ll find out very soon.

Well I really need to go. I have 3 mins left now and really want this post to work!

Much Love,




5 thoughts on “London

  1. Sarah Merrick

    Ben, I am constantly amazed by your ability, with what I think is entirely insufficient planning, to land on your feet! You are remarkable!
    So pleased that you are having such a good time. I’m feeling very jealous. 🙂
    Love you!

  2. Sacha

    Hi Ben, think your Grand Adventure is great and extreme planning is overrated! (sorry Sarah) Otherwise it wouldn’t be an adventure. Love reading your posts and am jealous too. Have fun!

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