Bianca and Anna

As I was writing my last post I was also on facebook trying to find a way to meet up with Anna and Bianca (for those of you who are unfortunate enough not to know them, we went to Pacific Hills together) who by coincidence happened to leave Greece early and made us all in London at the same time.

There were many problems with us meeting. I could only get on the internet here (the library) and I didn’t have a phone. I have no idea how anyone met up 10-20 years ago. No idea. I’ll save you the details, but eventually we all met up outside a station near their house which was awesome. It was really crazy thinking that we were all actually in London together and It’s been another huge example of God working in this trip. Just on that point. I don’t really believe in coincidences. I’ve caught the train in and out of the city about 10 times now and each time I’ve gotten to the station just in time for an express train to be pulling up going to the exact place I needed to go. I checked how often these express trains come as well and it wasn’t often. Like every mins or something. Sorry enough of my rambling. Point is, God is so Good.

Back to where I was. I met up with Anna and Bianca and we all went and got dinner and just hung out for the evening. We went and saw Big Ben at night which was pretty amazing. Sadly it got late and we all needed to catch the trains before they stopped running so we said goodbye. 

Oh I just remembered I skipped writing about the Tottenham v Rubin Kazan soccer game. The seats I had were amazing, I was about 10 seats back from the sideline right in the middle of the park. I was also sitting next to another guy who was on his own and it was really enjoyable being able to talk to him throughout the game. The game itself was actually pretty disappointing though. Only 1-0 with basically only a few chances on goal. Tottenham did end up winning which was good but it was mostly only their 2nd string team on the field. As always it was pretty fun trying to find my way out to the stadium, then going home a completely different way.

Sorry this is a bit all over the place but that was thursday and friday. On Saturday I caught the train back into th city just to walk around and have a look at a few things I hadn’t gotten a chance to see yet. I went to London Bridge, Portobello Markets, umm it’s actually pretty hard to remember every stop because I spent a while just travelling to random stops and walking around to see what was there. But yeah the day was filled with heaps and heaps of walking.

Sunday was my super lazy day in London. After the huge amounts of walking the previous day I spent Sunday basically just watching the soccer on TV and talking to the various people around the house. It was really nice to not have to go do anything but just relax.

And that brings us to today! So far today all I’ve done has basically been packing my bags, emailing people, catching up with facebook and writing this post.

I’m so so excited to be finally going to Israel and I’m really looking forward to being able to have people to actually talk to. I’ve definitely had enough time being on my own!

I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to blog in Israel but I’ll do my best! Please pray!!

Much Love,


P.S This is just for Anna and Bianca. I purposely put Bianca’s name first in the title then Anna’s name first everywhere else to again avoid appearing to show favouritism. Hopefully it worked : )


3 thoughts on “Bianca and Anna

  1. Caroline

    You sound like you had a great time in London… and very glad that you managed to catch up with Anna and Bianca, or was that Bianca and Anna??? 🙂 And I would just like to say that in the olden days (10-20 years ago) we just had to make plans that were more secure and definite seeing as we didn’t have the added benefit of the mobile phone. But we did manage to meet up with people! Funny that! Although, when you come back I will tell you a story with a bit of a miracle that happened to me and Dave and my cousin when we were backpacking around Scotland and all got separated from each other! With no mobile phones!! Anyway, so glad you’re having such a great time and I’ve already commented on Israel (I did it back to front).
    And I would just like to say that…. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE !! You are witty, funny, clever, interesting, amusing …. LOVE IT. Keep up the good work, Ben. Cya, Caroline

    1. haha yeah it was so good to catch up with them 🙂
      Well lets just say I am so very very glad that I have a phone or I wouldn’t be able to maintain any sort of social life!
      Looking forward to hearing that story.
      And thanks so much Caroline 🙂 Glad it’s enjoyable to read!!

  2. Bianca

    ah benny we are in Paris at the moment and have actual access to a computer for the first time in ages so we,ve just been catching up on ur blogs now defs appreciate u putting my name first in the title i think that proves i,m ur fav 😉 loving ur posts on israel as well it sounds amazing!!!

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