Israel – Week 2

Hi Everyone! I know there have been pretty big gaps in between my posts lately… Been really busy with everything going on here but I will hopefully be able to remember most of the last week. It’s actually really hard thinking of where to start but I’ll do my best to give this some sort of chronological order! Oh and I was really hoping I’d think of a good title while I was writing this but as you can see… If anyone has any good ideas please don’t hesitate!!

It was really good having a bit of free time at the end of last week to spend exploring around Haifa a bit and doing some touristy things. I was talking a little bit in the last post about how we live on the side of a pretty big mountain and I had the chance to walk up on of the paths to the “top” and it had some pretty amazing views. I love bush walking and exploring and it was exciting to be able to go on a bit of an adventure. As I was walking down the other side, I found Elijah’s Cave (Is a pretty good link to what this is and it also has a map of where abouts I went walking further down The cave wasn’t all that exciting to be heaps honest. Inside was filled with a ton of Hebrew writings and was pretty much just a cave… In my opinion it had just been far too “modernised” and disturbed. Sadly this is pretty true of everything here though. It has been great seeing it all though!

I finally met one of the main people around here and he recommended that I go to this youth conference that was being held a few hours away. Everyone is really surprised when they find out that I’m only 18. The original idea was that I would just go and be one of the teenagers there, however once I actually arrived I was asked if I would be happy to help out in the kitchen. Of course I’m here to serve others so I was very happy to be able to help out. As I walked into the kitchen I was amazed to see two familiar faces. Two of the guys that I went to Jerusalem with the previous week were also there just to help out. It was such a huge blessing that I actually knew other people!

As normal here, I had no idea at all what I was doing or what the conference was. Luckily I was told to bring a change of clothes and a sleeping bag which was good because it was overnight. It turned out to be much like the youth camps we have back in Australia but with the small change of everything being 100% in Hebrew. It has been my mission to make everything more exciting and fun than it would ordinarily be. For example, cheering and excitedly yelling TELAS whenever anyone actually let me put mountains of corn on their plates.

Being Australian is fantastic. I love being able to make up things about Australia and seeing if people will actually believe it. One of the kids at the camp actually had a toy plastic boomerang with him! I think they might have actually believed how proficient we were all at hunting with our boomerangs if I was actually able to make one work… It was fun mucking around with it and I’m definitely much better now!!

The conference provided so many chances for me to be able to have awesome conversations with so many different places from all over the world. The sad and recurring theme is that I keep making friends all over the place but then say goodbye to never see them again. It is so nice to actually have a main group of people around though. They are amazing!

After the weekend I realised a lot of things about myself. (Caroline you’re hopefully going to love this one) I love being around kids, I really want to start making that much more of a priority in my life. Especially helping out at Sunday school and youth. I also am really feeling called to do this kind of thing long-term somewhere. I still have heaps of time overseas and still plenty of time to be making decisions like this. I really want to look at the possibilities of doing something like Bible college when I get back to Australia. Overall though, I’m just so excited about life! There are so many awesome opportunities that we are given and it’s so exciting see what God is doing!

Normal life here as actually been really really busy lately. The first week was a fair bit slower because I was still definitely settling in and didn’t know too much of what I could do around the place. Now that I’ve been here for a while I’m much more used to how things happen and what I can do to help out! It’s been fantastic

The words Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner don’t really have any meaning to me anymore. My diet has also changed pretty dramatically from my last post, I’ve added Pita bread and Hummus to my large variety of meals (I’m not sure if that s should be there…). I’m actually doing pretty well to be honest. Many nights of the week the group will be cooking something interesting and all I have to do then is just help someone else with their ideas. However if anyone has any good ideas of easy things to cook here I would have a good attempt at them!

If you read my last post then you might be aware of my Korean family here. After doing some work around Yonah’s house we were invited back to his house to enjoy a delicious Korean meal. They have two young kids aged around 10-8ish. I’m not certain but I’m pretty sure I became uncle Ben within a few short minutes of meeting them. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and I’ve been asked a few times if I was able to stay for longer.

I’ve got to go have dinner but I might come back and add to this later.

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Israel – Week 2

  1. Caroline

    Hey Ben. What a great blog! And you know what… I have been waiting for you to discover your gifting for working with kids. I have been waiting for this for about 7 years!!! 🙂 I am so excited and we will most definitely talk when you’re back. It’s in writing now mate…!!! 🙂 How good is our God that He organised for those guys that you met in Jerusalem to be at the youth camp so you weren’t completely on your own. So cool. Gotta go read your other blog now…. xo

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